Monday, November 24, 2014

Decision Soon in Ferguson Missouri Trial

  In just a few hours the jury decision of police officer Darren Wilson, who was on trial for shooting and killing 18 year old Michael Brown will be in.

  There is worry that in Ferguson Missouri, and in other cities including here in New York City should the jury verdict come back without an indictment that there may be civil unrest as crowds grow awaiting the jury decision.

  Jay Nixon the governor of Missouri has declared a state of emergency in the area of the trial, and has called in 400 national guard troops in case of civil unrest after the verdict comes in.

  In addition President Barrack Obama has urged anyone who wishes to protest the jury decision to 'Protest, but do it peacefully.

 This would have to make many including myself believe that the jury verdict will be for 'No Indictment' as the city of Ferguson braces for unrest. The NYC police Department is said to be bracing for the same in tonight's Union Square protest. 

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