Monday, November 10, 2014

Greenway Walk at West 254th Street

  The above photo is of the Community Board 8 Special Greenway Committee Chair Phil Friedman walking next to the Hudson River on the water side the Metro North tracks. Mr. Friedman led a tour of over 50 people this past Sunday morning who met in the parking lot of the station. They then went upstairs and over to the southbound platform where towards the end of the platform was a ramp leading to an opening to a short walkway along the Hudson River. The pathway was as long as the train station, and was fenced off (as in the above photo) from track 6 which is a non electrified track that is not in service.  
  As you will see in the photos below this area between the Hudson River and Metro North tracks could be the starting point for the Riverdale link to the north and south to complete the Hudson River Greenway. There are two more tours of this area  will be Sunday Nov. 16th from 2 - 3 PM with assembling at 1:45 PM in the West 254th Street Metro North station parking lot, with a third site visit planned for sometime in December. The next meeting of the CB 8 Special Greenway Committee meeting will be on Monday Dec. 1st starting at 7:30 PM at a location to be determined. You can call the community board office at 718-884=3959 in 1 - 2 weeks for the location. 

Left and Right - People assembled in the parking lot of the West 254th Street Metro North Station. 

This was the view south as you walked over the station bridge. Track 6 is to the right, and the blue bridge is to the Riverdale Yacht Club only.

This is taken from track 6 looking back at the platform. on the left side is a ramp leading down to the crossing over of track 6.

The path over track 6 to the waterfront park area.

Left - Two people are fishing in the forground.

Right - One of the two overlooks of the Hudson River. 

Community Board 8 Chair Dan Padernacht explores north of where the pavement ends as seen in the bottom of the photo.
Here the group is at the bottom end of this path, with the Riverdale Yacht Club in the foreground and track 6 can be seen at the bottom.

Mr. Rob Spalter shows just how much space there is in this section of the waterside area. This however is over a storm sewer overflow pipe that leads into the river.

The empty path next to the water on the other side of the West 254th Street Metro North Station, which is NYC Parks property. 
This photo with people on the path.

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