Saturday, November 15, 2014

Koppell for State Senate 2016?

  The above sign at the # 7 & #10 bus stop on the northbound Henry Hudson Parkway service road just north of West 246th Street was put up weeks before the September Democratic primary. This is a key visible location, as all north bound traffic on the parkway service road above West 246th Street must pass this location. Traffic coming over the bridge from the west side of the parkway gets an even better view of this sign as they turn left onto the northbound parkway service to go north or enter the parkway shortly after this bus stop. 

  Candidate Oliver Koppell at one time had the Workings Family ballot line so it would be to Koppell's advantage to have this sign up until the November election. Koppell got screwed however by the Working Families Party when they withdrew their endorsement of Koppell (and ballot line) after his opponent current State Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein made a deal to sever his relationship with the Senate Republican Conference, and work with the Senate Democrat Conference to co-lead the state senate.  

  Things didn't go as planed on election day, and Senate Republicans won an outright majority in the state senate. Adding to this Democratic State Senator Simca Felder of Brooklyn has said that he will continue to conference with the Republicans giving them an additional vote. Senator Jeff Klein has recently announced that he would like to continue working with the Senate Republican Conference. to this Oliver Koppell has now said after that announcement "I Told You So". 

  It is now weeks after the general election and the 'Koppell for State Senate' poster is still up. One has to think does this means that Oliver Koppell is getting an early start on a rematch with Senator Klein in 2016. It has been said by many including myself that there are others that Koppel may run against. Could it be that either father Assemblyman Jeffrey or son new Male District Leader Eric Dinowitz are now in Koppell's sights.



  1. the fact that they poster is still there means the ad company in charge of bus shelters has not sold the space to any other advertiser and has not gotten around to taking it down. It says absolutely nothing about Koppell's intentions for 2016.

  2. koppell should run against dinowitz and his son he could easily take both positions

  3. One would have to think that the ad was paid for until at least after the November election since Koppell thought that he was going to win the Democratic Primary. At the least he had the Working Families line for the general election, that is until they pulled their endorsement in a deal with the Governor and Klein.

    I am told by many people they agree with comment #2.

  4. Bus shelter ads sell in 4 week intervals. Highly unlikely the campaign bought more than 4 weeks. The primary was the whole game. Koppell had the WFP line unceremoniously ripped from him long before he bought the shelter ad. Koppell may be contemplating another run in 2016, but connecting this bus ad to that possibility is baseless. Bus ads sometimes stay well past the event they are advertising.