Friday, November 14, 2014

Latino Leader & Former Mayoral Candidate Demands Better Latino Representation in de Blasio Administration

Erick Salgado to Join Rally Critical of 13% Decline in 
Latino Presence Since the Bloomberg Administration

      Latino community leader and former Mayoral candidate, Rev. Erick Salgado is demanding that Mayor Bill de Blasio make his administration more representative of New York City’s Latino population by immediately recruiting and hiring more qualified Latinos.  

       There has been a 13 percent decline in the number of Latinos in the city administration since Mayor Bloomberg left office.

      “With Latino’s comprising almost a third of this city’s population it is unbelievable that Mayor de Blasio has reduced the number of Latinos working in his administration by 13 percent.  If anything, he should have increased our number. This is disrespectful of the Latino community.  Does the mayor not care about 2.4 million New Yorkers? We cannot allow this to remain unchallenged,” Salgado stated.

       “Latino New Yorkers play a significant role in every aspect of this city.  To ignore us as the 
mayor has done is to deny every New Yorker the talent, experience and energy that so many of us have and want to use to make this city an even better place in which to live,”  Salgado continued. 

       Salgado will join a rally, sponsored by The Coalition of Latino Organizations, to be held on the steps of City Hall Monday, November 17th, at 10 a.m., calling on the mayor to hire more Latinos.

      “The Latino community has been patient long enough.  We have waited almost 11 months for the mayor to do the right thing; we will not wait any longer.  Mayor de Blasio must immediately demonstrate that he cares about New York City’s 2.4 million Latinos,” Salgado said.

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