Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mickey Mouse for Governor

  With the Mickey Mouse way this election for New York State Governor has gone on, I decided to make a statement, and keep my word that I printed in last week's 100PERCENT column in the Bronx News. When I went into vote today, and I asked the poll coordinators exactly how I should write my choice of Mickey Mouse in. I say this because there was confusion with the way the ballot was set up with a huge area in which to write in a name. I asked should I write the name in at the top. middle or bottom of this huge space to write in a name. I say this because in looking at past election results for the ballot scanning machines in New York more than half of the write in votes were not counted and marked as an 'UNATTRIBUTABLE WRITE IN'. I wanted my vote for Mickey Mouse for governor to count.

  It was amazing to me that no one in my poll site knew exactly where to place a write in name, but I will say that I was told to make sure that I filled in the circle next to the words 'write in'. I left one other way that I would know if my write in ballot will count by writing in another name elsewhere on the ballot. I now will wait to see who tells me of my second choice and for what ballot line it was for. As for the 3 ballot proposals on the back in case you did not see then as many people did not, I voted NO on all 3, If it came out of the current Albany legislation, I wanted no part of it.

  I await any comments, but they will be moderated so keep them clean and not offensive.  


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