Saturday, November 15, 2014

More Con Edison Gas Woes

  This is what has popped up across the Bronx (and New York City). Ugly High Pressure gas connections to buildings. Most of the gas connections are behind fences to hide them from public view, but this connection however is one of those visible with plantings that are to grow in front to block it view. These high pressure gas connections have no protection from the elements such as rain and snow, or any other thing that it may come in contact with. A tree fell right near this connection, and what could of happened if the gas connection had been where the tree fell. This particular connection has been red flagged twice, and on two separate occasions I have walked by this site to hear a hissing sound coming from this connection.  According to Con Edison there should be no noise at all coming from this high pressure gas connection, but the local FDNY Engine 52 has been called over 10 times to this location to answer calls of sounds coming from this connection by various different residents and people. I was told by one firefighter when I saw the truck elsewhere that a clicking sound is normal when the high pressure gas engages. I told him that Con Edison had said no sound should be coming from these connections, but he said not to worry. I do not trudt Con Edison, but I have to have trust in our fire department.

This photo of very recent markings by the above high pressure gas connection leading from a Con Edison sewer (in between the two parked cars) makes me wonder if Con Ed is going to redo this connection.

Here is another fine example of the work being done by the contractors hired by Con Edison because this is way to big a job for Con Ed to handle alone. Above is the corner by the building connection pictured above where Con Edison's contractor has worked. Enlarge the photo to see what else went into this section before it was covered. Also note that the size is much larger than the street cut markings. 

Here is how the crosswalk of this intersection was left. When you enlarge the photo you can notice that there is a several inch gap in the pavement still where Con Ed worked, and that the gas main head in the middle of the patch work is sticking up a few inches from the patch. This is a hazard waiting to happen as once the sun goes down the difference of the levels of the road, the patchwork, and the gas main head are very hard to see. 

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