Monday, February 9, 2015

FBI Probing Bronx Political Machine According to the New York Post

FBI ‘probing’ Bronx political machine 

 That was a headline on one page of today's New York Post. 

 The Post goes on to report about former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver first however, and how FBI agents arrested Silver. Federal investigators are looking at voter fraud and financial mismanagement in the borough the Post then states, and the agents are from upstate, not the Manhattan office.

  As the Post story continues it is evident that this is nothing new, but a fishing expedition  going on to get new Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie who is also the Bronx Democratic County Leader.  The full New York Post story is here.

The Daily News reports about Heastie's dead mother embezzling close to $200,000 from a Bronx Non-Profit in 1997 She was given 5 years probation and passed away a short time later. That story can be found here.

Other stories are popping up about the past of now Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, but where was  Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson all those years/ Is U.S. Attorney Phreet Bharara  going to investigate the Bronx DA?  

Here in the Bronx many unusual things have occurred such as the Bronx District Attorney and U.S. Attorney's offices try to use a former assemblyman as a mole in the Bronx Democratic County organization. This former assemblyman was charged with voter fraud by a grand jury, but the Bronx DA and U.S. Attorney allowed him to continue in office and be re-elected not once but two times. 

 There is the case of the signature of Derek Jeter on one Bronx petition. Then there were stories  that the old lever voting machines would have votes recorded on them even before the first voter, or added after the election was over. I could go on.

The U.S. Attorney would not be doing his job if he was not looking into what the Mooreland Commission did not finish. Perhaps we will see a new governor also. However why has the U.S. Attorney brought in outsiders from upstate to work on this project, does he not trust his own Manhattan office?


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