Saturday, February 21, 2015

Less Parking Higher Buildings - DeBlasio Plan

  Capital New York  reports that Our Mayor Bill deBlasio wants to allow for taller buildings, and reduce parking requirements for these new larger buildings at the same time. This would be done by zoning changes to allow the reduction or elimination of parking requirements for some affordable and Senior housing, as well as allowing for taller better looking buildings.

  The Department of City Planning will be changing these requirements which could take effect after public review by fall of this year. This is being done to help get the 200,000 affordable housing units Mayor deBlasio promised to get built by 2024, the end of his second term in office.

  All parking requirements would be ended for new low-income, inclusionary, and affordable senior housing units that are withing a half mile of mass transit. Current building that fall into this area would also be able to reduce or eliminate current parking which would be taken up on a case by case basis. 

  New zoning regulations would allow for increase heights of 5 - 15 feet on these new buildings. Restrictions on senior housing would also be redone to allow for mixed use buildings in this area. The bonus to allow for larger than allowable buildings if including a certain percentage of affordable units are included. This regulation however is useless since most buildings are already at the maximum size, and can not be built any higher because of zoning regulations. This new deBlasio proposal would change that to allow for higher building when affordable housing units are included. 

  Housing New York zoning for quality and affordability  is the city website for all the information. 

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