Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Assembly Speaker Heastie Appoints Four Member Ethics Search Committee

    In a move to listen to those assembly members and others who have called for ethics reform new Speaker Carl Heastie has named a four member assembly search committee to find names to head an Assembly Ethics Committee 

    The four assembly members named to the search committee are Assembly members Democrats Todd Kaminsky of Long Island (also a former assistant U,S, Attorney), Shelley Mayer of Yonkers, Michele Titus of Queens, and  Republican Janey Duprey from Plattsburg. 

   The charge of the search committee is to come up with six candidates to be an executive director to head a new office of ethics and compliance. The final choice will be up to Speaker Heastie, who has also pledged to seek ways of caping outside income and changing the way per diems are disbursed.

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