Thursday, February 12, 2015

Philadelphia Here We Come For 2016 Democrat Convention

  Within two weeks of New York City announcing a host committee for the 2016 Democratic Convention Philadelphia has been chosen to be the host city of the 2016 Democratic convention. Mayor Bill deBlasio was proud to announce the city had raised 20 million dollars of the 100 million dollars that would be needed to host the 2016 Democratic convention. The city had spent 13.5 million dollars of the 20 million dollars as of January 31st 2015 to try to host the 2016 Democratic convention. Check the blog archive in January 2015 under the heading New York City Announces Host Committee dated January 31st. 

    I do hope that City Comptroller Scott Stringer has kept a tab on just how much money City and private that was spent on this dream of Mayor Mike deBlasio, Mayor Bill Bloomberg, or whatever our current mayor's name is.  

  In the January 15th Bronx News and Parkchester Newspapers my 100 PERCENT column was titled Columbus, Philadelphia, or Brooklyn. My prediction then was that the 2016 Democratic convention would be held in Philadelphia, and not New York, or Columbus. Below is a reprint of my January 15th 100 PERCENT column.

Columbus, Philadelphia or Brooklyn?

Just like the previous Mayor Michael Bloomberg banked most of his chips on getting the Olympics, our current Mayor Bill deBlasio is betting on getting the 2016 Democratic convention for Brooklyn. There are however two other cities that are in the running, and it looks like Brooklyn will come in second or third. My prediction as to where the 2016 Democratic convention will be held is in the city of Philadelphia. Why would I say Philadelphia and not Brooklyn? I hear almost nothing from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, and everything from the deBlasio administration. Yes there is a new arena in Brooklyn to hold the convention, but why hold it in a state that will vote Democratic no matter what. If I were on the search committee I would look for a swing state city such as Philadelphia, which is close enough to New York City.

Columbus is also a swing state, but I believe even if the Democratic convention were to be held there it would not matter, and by not having it in Philadelphia the state of Pennsylvania would wind up a Republican state. So Mayor Bill deBloomberg don't waste any more city money or time on this dream.  .

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