Friday, June 19, 2015

Albany Chaos Update

At least some things are getting passed into law. even if the major items are expiring.

1 - The state legislature has voted on and passed the right to take your dog with you when you eat out at a restaurant in New York State. The only problem here is who will be held liable if your dog bites someone in the restaurant, the dog owner, the restaurant owner, or both. Then there is the matter of a dog relieving itself on you, again just who is responsible, and where does the New York City Health Department play a role in this new law?

2 - They have also agreed upon the importance of the Wood Frog in New York State.

3 - Well at least the state legislature passed a rent law extender, that is until Tuesday June 23rd. At least they were able to go home and enjoy Father's Day. That is the non leadership position state legislatures. 

I almost forgot - Most Bronx state legislatures are sending out press releases either from a member of the assembly or state senate touting that the Assembly passed Assemblyman Z's bill on 'Who cares', or the State Senate passed State Senator R's bill on When it happens'. These one house bills are as good as a $3.00 bill, since both houses must approve the same language in a bill or it is called a 'Comprise Bill' between both houses, and the Governor must sign a bill to make it law.

By the way which Assembly member has July 3rd as the end date of the session, because you are probably going to be the winner of the assembly end of session pool.

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