Thursday, June 18, 2015

Chaos in Albany

Three days after NYC Rent Regulation laws expired there seems to be no compromise coming as all 3 sides (State Assembly, State Senate, and the Governor) are on different pages.

In the State Assembly Assembly Housing Chair Keith Wright has come out with a proposal for an extension at least until Feb. 2016 that was laughed at by State Senate Republicans.
Other assembly members are sounding off - Bronx Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz in an interview with Gerson Borrero Editor at Large of City and State said that there is no feel yet, Carl Heastie has been there on this issue which is the speaker's one main issue. Dinowitz also said that 'It Takes 3 to Tango in Albany', as he blamed the Republican State Senate majority who are from outside NYC, and the governors inaction on the issue. 

As it goes the state senate should be leaving tonight, but the Majority Leader Senator Flanagan has said that he will stay. The State Assembly will be in session for most of Friday until members start leaving, and are taking up a pool ($1.00 each) for when the session will end. 

Other key issues that also need to be worked out before they also expire are the 421A Tax Abatement, Mayoral Control of the NYC public schools, raising the Charter School Cap, and several other minor issues.

Could we see Albany legislatures working past the 4th of July?

Also what of the U.S. Attorney's Office continued investigation of Albany legislatures from the Mooreland Commission. I am sure we have not heard the last from the U. S. Attorney as to indictments of State Assembly or Senate members. 

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