Monday, June 1, 2015

Just Who Else is in the Sights of the U.S. Attorney

  According to The Daily News Blog Daily Politics there are four major political insiders that are (as the blog states) in the Feds Crosshairs. 

  1 - Anthony Bonomo, who is mentioned as having friends on both sides of the isle in Albany, including the governor who recently named Bonomo the new chair of NYRA. 

 2 - Steve Pigeon, a familiar name to many is again under investigation according to the News blog.

 3 - Charles Dorego, of Glenwood Management is reported to be cooperating with federal agents.

 4 - Brian Meara, a so called influential lobbyist with ties to the former Assembly Speaker.

The Daily News ends the story with a quote that if anybody knows about the governor, his office, or anyone else in Albany the four do. Read the entire Daily News Blog article at the highlighted link at the top.

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