Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Transportation Committee set to hear legislation next week  

   Today NYC Council Transportation Chairman Ydanis Rodriguez and Council Member Stephen Levin announced two pieces of legislation that will allow the city to better respond to the rapidly growing For-Hire sector. 

The first piece of legislation (introduced by NYC Council Transportation Committee Chairman Ydanis Rodriguez) will require the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) to work jointly with other city agencies to determine the impact of the growth of the for hire and black car industries in the following areas: traffic, air quality, noise, and public health). The study will further consider the impact of the increase in the number of drivers, vehicles, and bases. Agencies to work closely with the TLC on this study include but are not limited to the Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Protection. This study is due to the Council by August 31st 2016. 

The second piece of legislation (introduced by Council Members Levin and Rodriguez will temporarily limit new vehicle licenses to a rate of growth within historic norms to allow for the study described above provides data still relevant to the Council in 2016. According to the legislation bases can add new licenses at a rate based on their size as of June 15th, 2015:
Bases with 2-19 vehicles can increase by a maximum of 15% of cars previously affiliated (maximum increase of 3 cars to a base with 19 vehicles)
Bases with 20-499 vehicles can increase by a maximum of 5% of cars previously affiliated (maximum increase of 25 cars to a base with 499 vehicles)
Bases larger than 500 vehicles can increase by a maximum of 1% of cars previously affiliated. (maximum increase of 260 cars to a base with 26,000 vehicles)

According to data collected by the Taxi and Limousine Commission as well as the Department of Transportation, congestion in Manhattan is rapidly increasing with a 9% decline in traffic speeds in Manhattans Business District saw a 9% decline in traffic speeds over the last year-from 9.35 mph in 2014 to 8.51 mph in 2015. This decrease has had negative impacts on bus speeds and ridership and has lead to a fresh frustrations for commuters. Since 2011, 25,000 new FHV licenses have been issued a 63% jump. These new licenses are issued at a rate of 2,000 per day. In order for the study to produce valuable outcomes, the rate of issuance must be returned to a reasonable rate of growth seen prior to 2011. 

The legislation will be heard by the Transportation Committee next Monday, June 29th at 10am in the Council Chambers. Bills can be made available upon request.

"Acknowledging the existing problems of congestion parking and negative environmental impacts like poor air quality, we must ensure our city moves forward with the best plan that mitigates these negative impacts. In order to achieve just that we need to make sure our city is armed with the information necessary to make lasting change that benefits every New Yorker, driver, pedestrian and resident alike" said Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez "This package of legislation will allow us to act from a place of knowledge and I am proud to sponsor these important measures with Council Member Steve Levin." 

"The For-Hire sector has experienced explosive growth over the past few years, putting many more vehicles on the road and raising questions about potential negative impacts. The city needs time  to examine the effects of this unprecedented expansion in depth and determine how it impacts congestion, public transportation, public health and quality of life for New Yorkers. This package will  temporarily limit new licenses to allow the city to conduct an accurate analysis and ensure that we can approach the challenge of curbing potential negative impacts in the most informed and responsible way. I thank Council Member Rodriguez for his partnership in sponsoring this package of legislation and look forward to working with him on this important issue," said Council member Stephen Levin.

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