Sunday, June 14, 2015

Riverdale Riverfest 2015

  The highlight of Riverdale Riverfest 2015 was the concert by the current band Blood Sweat and Tears which was arraigned by State Senator Jeff Klein. KRVDC and all their volunteers helped made this years Riverdale Riverfest 2015 the best one yet. Below are just a few photos of Riverdale Riverfest 2015. 

Above - It may have been Senator Klein who got the band for Riverdale Riverfest 2015, but it was Councilman Andrew Cohen who was the best dressed elected official at Riverdale Riverfest 2015.
Below - Senator Jeff Klein may have also had the the best tan, but it was Councilman Andrew Cohen who had the best legs of the elected officials on the stage. Also in the photo are Congressman Eliot Engel, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, and hidden by the speaker Ms. Tracy Shelton of KRVDC.

Above -  Face painting was only one of the attractions for children at Riverdale Riverfest 2015. 
Below - The Buffalo Wild Wings mascot is found in front of the Buffalo Wild Wings booth, where wings were available with several of the 24 sauces ranging from mild to extreme. 

Above - The New York City Department of Transportation was at Riverdale Riverfest 2015, with information about Vision Zero. 
Below - During the afternoon there was a secondary stage where several other bands and groups showed off their talent. 

Above - A stilt walker was on scene as another one the many attractions. 
Below - S.C.A., The Society for Creative Anachronism presented medieval events. The photo is of Ms. Agatha Jurgo dressed in a beautiful costume of the era.

Riverdale Riverfest 2015 took place at the College of Mount St. Vincent, and an unidentified young lady sits at the college table. 

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