Thursday, June 11, 2015

Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz Announces Passage of his Bill, S.597

   Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz announced that the State Senate passed his bill S.597 today. This bill excludes crime data or statistics in setting rates of insurance when the data or statistics are as a result of crimes committed in correctional or detention facilities. 

Earlier today at an event sponsored by the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization that welcomed NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, Senator Diaz stated: “I  am grateful to Commissioner Bratton for sending a delegation of NYPD officials to meet at my district office when we first brought this issue to light. We all know that crimes that occur on Rikers Island - which is officially located in Queens County - should not be counted as Bronx crimes. As soon as this change was made, the crime rate in the 41st Precinct here in the South Bronx went down considerably." 

Senator Díaz stated:  “This bill is very important, not only for my constituents, but for any New York resident across the state who lives near a prison or jail. Homeowners should not be subjected to increased insurance rates as a result of crimes that are committee inside correctional facilities.” 

Crimes that are committed within prisons and other correctional facilities should have no impact on the crime statistics of the surrounding area and on the local police precincts and departments.  Local police are not assigned to prisons and jails, local law enforcement has no ability whatsoever to prevent prison-based crime or increase their patrols in order to reduce crime. 

Editor's Note:
This has not become law, as the state Assembly must also pass this legislation, and it must be signed by Governor Cuomo to become law.

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