Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Assemblyman Dinowitz: John F. Kennedy Gas Explosion

Statement from Assemblyman Dinowitz regarding the John F. Kennedy High School Gas Explosion

  “I and our other elected officials continue to work for the least disruptive outcome while repairs are made on the John F. Kennedy High School building.  In my conversations with the Department of Education I urged that work be done around the clock to ensure that repairs and reconstruction at JFK be completed quickly.  It is most unfortunate that the education of thousands of students will be disrupted as a result of the gas explosion.  The DOE must relocate the various schools from the JFK campus at other locations temporarily, but I reminded the DOE that a significant percentage of the students at JFK are from Manhattan and therefore the DOE needs to look at relocation sites in Manhattan and not just the Bronx. In addition, we all hope the injured workers make a speedy recovery from the horrific explosion that took place at the school, but the City must ascertain whether or not all workers on the site met all necessary qualifications for the job.”

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