Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cablevision Putting System Underground

  First it was Con Edison which ripped up streets in the Bronx, and is still busy at work digging up many streets as they head down to the South Bronx area to install high pressure gas lines. Now it is Cablevision who is putting its new fiber optic cables underground, and following in Con Edison's path to help ruin our streets. As you have seen on this blog that some of the Con Edison street patchwork had to be redone, and I hope the same will not be true of the Cablevision underground wire work. However why would a company such as Cablevision be doing this work when by the time they are finished almost everything will become wireless, and Cablevision will become the latest victim of new technology. 

Above - A contractor (much like the ones used by Con Edison) is digging up the intersection of West 239th Street and Blackstone Avenue in the Riverdale section of the Northwest Bronx to lay new underground cables.
Below - The underground casing for the Cablevision wiring is sitting on the sidewalk.

In an unrelated story Waldo Avenue (several blocks from where Cablevision is digging up the street to lay new underground wires) is being milled and repaved. Con Edison put in high pressure gas lines in this street less than one year ago. Since the roadway became so bad after the Con Edison construction, could that be why the city is repaving this street now. Will the street have to be repaved again when Cablevision digs it up to lay their underground wires?

Above - The top few inches of asphalt is easily removed by this street grinder which is loading the old street surface into the back of the bin of the dump truck.
Below - You can see that Waldo Avenue (like many city streets) was once made of cobblestones.

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