Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Citi Bike Thefts Up This Year Vs. Last Year

  In a New York 1 Story the NYPD is reported as saying that 476 Citi Bikes have been stolen this year, compared to only 300 in all of last year. The story states that there was a 100 percent increase in Citi Bike thefts in Manhattan, and that the $1,200 price tag for one Citi Bike may be the responsibility of the rider if the bike is not found or returned. Citi Bike is quoted as saying that most of the missing bikes are found or returned within 24 hours, and that the bikes are taken when riders fail to properly dock or leave them unattended. To read the entire New York One article complete with video HERE. 

Editors Note:
Maybe this is why the Bronx has no Citi Bike locations? 
Could it be that Citi Bike still believes in the 'Bad Ole Bronx Days', and not the 'New Bronx'?

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