Saturday, August 1, 2015

Construction on Major Deegan Highway Now Halfway Completed

  The Major Deegan Highway overpass of the Mosholu Parkway is now half completed as you can see the middle third of the overpass has been removed. This project is being done in three parts as the third closest in view has already been removed and replaced by new steel girders.

Above - The last remaining third shows the wear of many years which includes the rusting of the steel beam and pitting of the concrete work that has forced this overpass replacement.
Below - You see the finished product of the first third of the overpass that was removed and replaced with new steel beams and concrete work.

Above - The huge crane that was erected to remove and replace the steel beams can be seen through the hole in the middle of the Major Deegan Highway here.
Below - All that remains to be done on this finished third of the project is to edge off the stonewall. 

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