Friday, August 28, 2015

Movie on Riverdale Avenue

This is what you saw last night if you were on Riverdale Avenue between West 236th and West 238th Streets, the movie Jurassic Park. Hundreds of people came out with their favorite chairs to watch as Riverdale Avenue was closed to traffic northbound at West 236th Street, and Southbound at West 238th Street so the giant portable movie screen could be set up, and folding chairs put out by 6 PM. 

Once the sun went down the movie Jurassic Park began and ran until 10 PM when everyone who was left saw the last reptile killed, and the hero's of the movie reunited and safe. State Senator Jeff Klein and Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinosaur, joined Ms. Tracy Shelton of KRVC (the sponsor group of Movie Night) before the movie began to tell those in attendance what had to be done to get the 'Movie on the Avenue' accomplished. While some people coming home were inconvenienced a little by the closure of Riverdale Avenue there were enough police officers from the 50th PCT. to handle the street closure. 

The speeches by the elected officials had to be gotten in before the movie started, and as darkness arrived both State Senator Jeff Klein (speaking) and Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinosaur both thank KRVC and its Executive Director Ms. Tracy Shelton for the 'Movie Night on the Avenue, and the movie Jurassic Park.

Above - The hero's of the movie are being chased by offspring from the reptiles in Jurassic Park.
Below - The movie is about to end as the hero's are reunited. 

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