Saturday, October 17, 2015

'100 PERCENT' OCTOBER 15,2015

By Robert Press

The Demise of the Bronx News

     By looking at the headline you may be asking yourself, why is he writing about the demise of the Bronx News when this column appears in the Bronx News? Well my dear readers after over 7 years of a happy union of the Bronx News and myself the owner of the Bronx News has decided to move the paper in another direction. That being one of getting away from giving you the news and information of the Bronx to one of meeting advertising commitments by printing something that resembles a shell of what the Bronx News once was, and probably folding the Bronx News as was done with the Parkchester News. This column has not appeared in the Bronx News for the past two weeks, and the editor of the Bronx News Mr. Dan Gesslein was fired last week without notice. The column 100 PERCENT will be appearing on this blog until a new home (which is in the works) is found. It will be the same column that will pull no punches, and tell it as it has for the past 7 years. Now on with the column.
     After the second of two infants was thrown from a different Bronx building by their mothers to their deaths the question of the day has to be "What are you waiting for Mayor Bill de Blasio", an epidemic of infant deaths as was the case in the Legionnaires Disease outbreak where it took 10 deaths for the city to act to correct the problem. One death is one to many, where is ACS on the matter. 
    Another item in the news is that the city wants to have the police force handcuff suspects in the front instead of the back as part of the 'Revision of the Patrol Guide regarding the use of Force'. For the last 100 years suspects have always been handcuffed in the rear, except for the time reported where a suspect was handcuffed in the front in a Queens Police precinct. The result was that the suspect was able to get his hands on a gun and shoot two officers. Is this new handcuff policy better policing, politics, or lunacy?
    You can check this blog archive for a report on the 'Dirty Dozen' buildings by State Senator Jeff Klein. It seems that government subsidised buildings are the worst offenders of mold and pest violations with the Bronx having more than its fair share. Also check the archive section for the latest listing of events being presented by the Bronx Chamber of Commerce. The Bronx Democratic County organization which for a fundraiser for Bronx District Attorney candidate Darcel Clark at Maestro's Caterers on Monday October 19th from 6 - 8 PM. Ms. Clark's position paper appears on this blog, and you can join her and the Bronx Democratic County organization Monday night. Go through the archive section to find out many different events that are going on all over the Bronx including next Sunday's Tour De Bronx. Click on the posting to find out how you can register to participate in the Tour De Bronx. There are two different bike rides available the 25 mile tour around parts of the Bronx, or the full 40 mile ride around the entire borough of the Bronx. 
     Finally, I would like to answer Mr. Mike Nieves from a City and State item where he is quoted. It seems the story I wrote that former 80th Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera now a resident in the 78th A.D. could be in line for a possible run for her fathers seat was picked up by City and State. Mr. Nieves has been Assemblyman Jose Rivera's campaign manager for many years now, and he is quoted as saying that the elder Rivera has no plans to retire, and that whoever is spreading the rumor that she will replace her father is a jerk who should call him. Well Mr. Nieves I am that so called Jerk you are talking about, and Assemblyman Jose Rivera told me that his daughter Naomi Rivera was living with him in Fordham Hill and not in another apartment in Fordham Hill I had mentioned. By the way Mike, what then is the address of Ms. Naomi Rivera? I have a petition when she ran for the 80th Assembly seat with the address of 601 Pelham Parkway North. 601 Pelham Parkway North is now in the 78th A.D. and no longer in the 80th A.D. Will wonders never end Mr. Nieves, and by the way check your voice mail because the mailbox is full so I could not call you as you suggested. Who feels like a Jerk now Mike?
     If you have any political information that you want to share or have checked out, any comments about this column, or would like to have an event listed or covered in this column or on my blog you can e-mail us at or call 718-644-4199 Mr. Robert Press.

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