Friday, October 30, 2015

Bronx Community Board #6, Community Residents, Businesses and Religious Institutions as we come together to adopt D’Auria-Murphy Triangle.

  It was billed as a coming together today at  D’Auria-Murphy Triangle located on Adams Place between Crescent Avenue and East 183rd Street after the vandalism of the Christopher Columbus Statue in the park that was discovered on Columbus Day. Community Board 6 District Manager Ivine Galarza, local merchants, community leaders, and others came to discuss what had happened to the statue of Christopher Columbus in the park named  to honor two young men from the neighborhood who had lost their lives in the war, John D’Auria (1889-1918) and Henry J. Murphy (1891-1918). Afterwards all gathered to beautify the remaining area of the park. The photos below will tell the story.

Above - CB 6 District Manager Ivine Galarza is joined by merchants and community leaders to denounce what happened to the statue of Christopher Columbus (upper Right hand corner) a few weeks ago that had been cleaned the day after it happened. 
Below - Jerome Raguso 'The Canoli King' and owner of Arthur Avenue's famous Gino's Pastry Shop was the first to find out that the Christopher Columbus Statue had been desecrated when one of his workers saw it.

Above - Radame Perez who with his father have owned the neighborhood C-Town Supermarket on the next block speaks of the diversity of the neighborhood, and the shock to learn of the incident of the Christopher Columbus Statue.
Below - New Bronx Parks Commissioner Iris Rodriguez Rosa pledges to work with the Community Board and community to keep incidents like what occurred from happening again. 

Above - After the Press Conference about the Christopher Columbus statue everyone got to work on cleaning up the rest of the park. 
Below - It looked like the entire Parks Enforcement Police Department for the Bronx (minus the mounted division) were on hand for a show of force. Also on hand were a few of the fine officers of the 48th Pct. who said there are several leads, but no solid suspects at the time.

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