Saturday, October 3, 2015

Candid Speed Camera and/or Candid Red Light Camera Returns to PS 81

  I exposed that while the speed limit was lowered to 25 miles per hour in New York City on Friday November 7th the speed limit sign in front of PS 81 remained at 30 MPH into the first week of December. The photo above appeared on this blog December 3, 2014  

  On May 27th 2015 I caught this Speed Camera Car in front of PS 81 on Riverdale Avenue North between West 254th and West 256th Streets. It seemed that when this was exposed in my Riverdale Report column in the Bronx News the Speed Camera Car disappeared.  

Above Left -It appears there has been a stationary speed and/or red light camera placed where the speed car once parked, and this is what you will see as you drive up Riverdale Avenue past West 254th Street. 
Above Right - As you pass this speed and/or red light camera this is what you see in your rear view mirror.  If it is a speed camera and you are speeding or if it is a red light camera and you go through the red light at the corner of West 256th Street the sensors will detect it, and the camera will take a photo of your licence plate. In about a week a $50.00 ticket will arrive in the owner of the vehicle's mailbox, no questions asked. If the fine is not paid within 30 days the fine will increase which could lead to additional fines and penalties. The reason for the question of the camera is explained below   

 An interesting note as you see the information on the side, this camera is identified as a TraffiStar SR391 type of camera. It appears that this type of camera was made in 2009. There is no more information about this camera on the Internet. Prove me wrong, but I spent hours looking for it and only found that the camera was made by a company called Jenoptik AG a multi industrial and civil orientated company which manufactures optical and laser technology for business and traffic solutions for local governments such as cities and towns. The latest version is a SR 590 camera which is a combined speed and red light enforcement camera system. The SR 580 is a non invasive speed enforcement camera. This camera is neither of the two latest versions. fell free to comment if you have already received a summons from this camera, and please include what type of summons it was. 

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  1. Received a $50 Speed Cam ticket in the mail.
    I have to go to location to see where the camera is.
    It appears that the camera is located on the south east corner of 254th street. I do not think my vehicle was captured by the one in front of the school. I will have to check.
    Ticket was for going 36 in a 25. I could view high resolution images and video of my vehicle online on the payment website. Once the fine was paid the images and video were removed. Offense was on Sept 18 and received the notice in the mail on Oct 3 If you need more info please post an email address as I prefer to remain anonymous.