Friday, October 9, 2015

Comic Con 2015

  Today I had a chance to attend Comic Con 2015, and I was very disappointed at the event. Aside from being way overcrowded, there was what can only be described as several fire hazards that took place when to many people had to crowd through small walkways as they had to look out for an even number of people coming in the opposite direction causing what looked like midtown Manhattan gridlock at times. 
  While the event was more spread out from the north to the south end of the Javits Center there were the usual complaints of long lines, and poor planning by the shows organizers. There seemed to be many many more artists, and very few signing for free. The event was sold out weeks in advance, and if you pare planning to attend either on Saturday or Sunday be prepared for long lines, and bring lots of money or several credit/debit cards. The photos below will tell the rest of the story.

Above - Progressive had their horses at Comic Con this year, and offered free locker space top those lucky enough to get to them early. 
Below - M & M Mars had a large corner, and you were able to get you picture taken with the giant M & M's or purchase M & M items for a reasonable price.

Above - No this is not a new M & M item, but the mascot of a security company.
Below - Wrestling great and former football player Hacksaw Jim Duggan was signing autographs for fans, and yes that is his favorite weapon of choice a 2 x 4 piece of wood that was able to be signed.  

Above - The Honky Tonk Man,  
Below - Luke Bushwacker were two other famous wrestlers signing autographs and taking photos with their fans.

Above - Artists were sketching.
Below - Artists were signing.

Above - Make up Artists were doing their thing.
Below - Costumed characters were plentiful. 

Above and Below just two of the many beautifully costumed people at Comic Con 2015.

Lastly, no that is not a costume. It is a real United States soldier, and an Army recruiter as the U.S. Army was on hand to recruit people or even costumed characters it seemed into the armed forces.  

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