Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Darcel Clark Announces Plan to Restructure Bronx District Attorney’s Office

Darcel Clark Announces Plan to

Restructure Bronx District Attorney’s Office

Clark’s VISTA plan to increase efficiency and expand accountability
THE BRONX - Today, former Supreme Court Justice Darcel Clark, the Democratic candidate for Bronx District Attorney, announced the VISTA Plan - her vision on how to modernize the office, improve operations and move cases forward on a more timely basis.
“The VISTA plan I am announcing today will lay the foundation for giving Bronx residents the confidence they deserve in a District Attorney,” said Clark. “With DA Johnson leaving office, I hope to be blessed with the opportunity to move this office forward and address longstanding concerns about the timely disposition of cases and internal operations with new approaches and ideas.”
Focused on improving office operations and reducing the case backlog through structural changes and increased accountability, the VISTA plan includes:
  • Vertical Prosecution Model: The District Attorney’s office will be restructured to minimize case transfers between Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs) by assigning one ADA to handle a case from start to finish.  Currently, multiple ADAs handle different aspects of a prosecution, leading to miscommunications or delays that hinder prosecutions.
  • Internal Controls: A CompStat-style system will be introduced to help hold Bureau Chiefs and their subordinates accountable for the timely disposition of cases. Junior ADAs will work side by side with experienced ADAs and both will have access to Supervisors, Deputies and Bureau Chiefs at all time, allowing for greater training opportunities.
  • Standing Up to Corruption: If elected, Judge Clark will make the aggressive pursuit of public corruption a top priority, and will create a Public Integrity Unit within the District Attorney’s office to root out corruption and protect the integrity of public offices and agencies.
  • Time Sensitive Solutions: Needless delays hamper ADAs from mounting successful prosecutions and deny justice for both victims and defendants.  A stronger emphasis will be made on ensuring that ADAs swiftly prepare for trial, answer motions and provide all discovery to defendants on time and on schedule, and present strong legal arguments to counter any effort to unduly delay a trial.  Special task forces will be established to examine old misdemeanors and indictments with a goal towards eliminating backlogs with fair dispositions or speedy trials.
  • Active Investigations: The Bronx District Attorney will actively collaborate with federal, state and local law enforcement, community leaders and the entire justice system to proactively investigate matters of concern in every corner of our borough.
“My focus will entirely be on making this office the best it can be,” said Clark. “I believe that the VISTA plan will help to achieve exactly that, and I hope to be honored by the voters with their support.”
A lifelong resident of the Bronx, Judge Clark was raised in Soundview Houses and attended Bronx public schools before going to college and law school. She served as an Assistant District Attorney for 13 years before being appointed a Criminal Court Judge by Mayor Giuliani.  Elected as a State Supreme Court Justice in 2005, Judge Clark was elevated to the Appellate Division by Governor Cuomo in 2012.
This year’s general election will take place on Tuesday, November 3rd.

For a full biography of Judge Clark please click here
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