Monday, November 2, 2015

100 PERCENT - SPECIAL Election Day Tuesday November 3, 2015


By Robert Press


   Tomorrow is the General Election day for the year 2015. Normally this would have been a non event as it has for the year when the only major election in the Bronx is for Bronx District Attorney. In the past several elections I can't remember when soon to be former Bronx District Attorney (and new State Supreme Court Judge) Robert Johnson faced a primary challenger. DA Johnson never faced a real opponent in the General Election either, as he had the Republican and Conservative party lines in addition to the Democratic Party line. 
  After the primary process was over and Bronx DA Robert Johnson was the candidate of the Democratic Party without having to go through a primary once again something strange happened this year a few weeks afterwards. After denying rumors that he was going to seek a judgeship at the Bronx County Judicial Convention Bronx Democratic County Leader Assemblyman Marcos Crespo nominated Bronx DA Robert Johnson for a vacant Supreme Court Judgeship. Robert Johnson accepted the nomination and will be one of the names on the ballot tomorrow for a supreme court judgeship.
  Since the Bronx Democratic County organization now was presented with the vacancy for the position of Bronx District Attorney. It took about one hour for the Bronx Democratic County organization to replace Robert Johnson with the name of Darcel Clark as the candidate for Bronx District Attorney on the Democratic ballot line. There was a lot of calls of backroom dealing by a former Bronx Democratic County leader now the State Assembly Speaker after the indictment of former State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, but that is another story as Assemblyman Silver's trial began today.
     So let's see just how many people come out to vote for Bronx DA, in what has traditionally been the lowest election turnout since School Board elections were eliminated. I know that I will be going to the poll to vote, and I expect to be very lonely when I do. I am not going to tell you who to vote for, but I will say that if Ms. Darccl Clark does not receive over 85 percent of the vote, Bronx Democratic County Leader Marcos Crespo might just have the first real Democratic primary for Bronx District Attorney in four years, that is if he is still the Bronx Democratic County Leader.


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  1. The Buildings Department issued a full stop work order for the Whitehall construction project above the PS 24 Annex yesterday due to complaints about the co-op's failure to properly protect the classrooms from construction debris.