Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Albanian-American Community Celebrates 103 Years of Independence


New York, November 20, 2015 - The history of the Albanian people is unique: as direct descendants of the ancient Illyrians, Albanians are among the oldest civilizations of Europe. The Albanian language constitutes its own branch of the Indo-European languages, and Albanian cultural traditions are distinctive for their extraordinary emphasis on hospitality and generosity (something that no doubt influenced the most famous Albanian of all - Noble laurate, Mother Teresa). Additionally, military historians and even American poets such as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow alike tell of exceptional Albanian boldness and valor, as exemplified by the Albanian national hero Scanderbeg.

It was that same independence of spirit and desire for self-determination that led to Albania's declaration of independence 103 years ago from the Ottoman Empire, on November 28, 1912. On that day, the Albanian flag - a black double-headed eagle on a red background - was raised, and ended over 500 years of foreign rule.

This year, Albanians in the New York area will honor this historic event with commemorative flag raisings in the New York City, during which the Albanian flag will be raised to fly next to the American flag. Albanians consider the United States its closest ally - from President Woodrow Wilson's support for Albanian independence a century ago through the more recent American support of Kosova's independence. As such, all Americans -- Albanian and non-Albanian alike -- are invited to attend the flag raisings in celebration of this special relationship, as well as our shared ideals of freedom and liberty.

Event Sponsors:
Albanian American Community Assoc.
Albanian American Educators Assoc.
Albanian American Open Hands Assoc.
Albanian American Society Foundation
Albanian Roots - Rrenjet Shqiptare 
Albanian Professional & Entrepreneurs Network - APEN
AAWO Motrat Qiriazi 
Fondacioni Plave Guci
Lukaj Foundation
Shoqata Batalioni Atlantiku
Shoqata Malesia e Madhe NY
Shoqata Rugova
Shoqata Shqiptare Amerikane Ana e Malit

Event Supporters:
Albanian American Community- Waterbury
Albanian American Council
Albanian American National Org.
Albanian American Writers Assoc.
Ansambli Bashkimi Kombetar
Bijte e Shqipes
Dom Simon Filipaj Foundation
Shoqata Atdhetare Dibra
Shoqata Atdhetare Kraja
Shoqata Cameria
Shoqata Kelmendi
Shoqata Peja
Shtepia e Drejtesise dhe Pajtimit Kombetar
Shoqata Humanitare Shqiptare Amerikane Philadelphia
The Women's Organization Hope and Peace

Event will have American Elected Officials and Albanian and American Community leaders in attendance.

In addition to the flag raisings, visuals will include young Albanian-Americans dressed in traditional Albanian clothing.


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