Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Statement from Assemblyman Dinowitz Regarding MTA’s Decision to Allow Vulgar and Offensive Advertising

  "In the aftermath of the MTA's recent decision to allow vulgar and offensive advertisements for Amazon's new show, "The Man in the High Castle," which depict insignia's representing Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan laid over the American flag, I am mortified. While we are all used to bad decisions by the MTA, this goes beyond anything we have come to expect from them. The MTA could have allowed this show to be advertised without using such offensive insignias. As a Jew I am offended, and as a New Yorker I am embarrassed. The MTA should be ashamed of themselves and this ignorant advertising campaign, as it is offensive not just to the Jewish community, but to all Americans. I demand that these ads be pulled immediately, and that the MTA issue a public apology."

Editor's Note:
Mayor Bill deBlasio joined with Assemblyman Dinowitz to decry the ads for the new show. 
Assemblyman Dinowitz and Mayor deBlasio's cries have been heard by the MTA and the MTA has agreed to pull the ads.

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