Monday, December 7, 2015

BP Diaz Lights Largest Bronx Menorah for Chanukah

  The largest outdoor Bronx Chanukah Menorah sits at the Memorial Bell Tower in Riverdale at the intersection of Riverdale Avenue and West 239th Street. Today was the second day of Chanukah, and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. helped Rabbi Levi Shemtov light the two right lights of the Menorah with some help from Con Edison because a lift truck is needed to light the lanterns as you will see in the photos below.

Above - Rabbi Shemtov welcomes Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. to help him light the lanterns on the giant Menorah of Riverdale.
Below - BP Diaz if fitted with a harness as he and Rabbi Shemtov will have to climb onto a Con Edison truck and be lifted to the top of the Menorah.

Above - Before the lift goes up the Con Edison worker instructs BP Diaz and Rabbi Shemtov on the safety precautions.
Below - As the platform lifts up you can see that both BP Diaz and Rabbi Shemtov harnesses are fastened to the platform, and both men are holding on to the rail

Above - The platform has almost reached the giant Menorah.
Below - The prayer is said before the lighting of the Menorah.

Above - The first of the two end lights are light.
Below - After the second end light is light BP Diaz lets out with a cheer. Yes that is a torch in Rabbi Shemtov's hands which is used to light the Giant Menorah.

Above - With the Menorah lit BP Diaz and Rabbi Shemtov return to the base of the Con Edison truck to unhook themselves and step down from the truck.
Below - BP Diaz steps down from the truck and then has his safety harness removed.

Above - Safely back on the ground and out of his safety harness BP Diaz helps Rabbi Shemtov give out dreidels to the children.
Below - After the Dreidels are given out BP Diaz joins Rabbi Shemtov and some children in some dancing to holiday music. 

Tuesday December 8th Bronx Borough President holds the Annual Bronx Celebration of Chanukah at the Bronx County building located at 851 Grand Concourse (at East 161st Street) beginning at 12:30 PM where the Bronx Menorah will be lit by BP Diaz. 

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