Thursday, December 31, 2015

Rochester Man Arrested with Plans for New Year's Eve Attack

  It has been reported by the New York Times that 25 year 0ld Emanuel Lutchman has been arrested and charged with planning a New Year's Eve attack on diners in a Rochester restaurant on behalf of ISIS. He is accused of purchasing weapons as part of a plan to help ISIS bring terror to New York State, in the Rochester area.

  Also in the Times story it is mentioned that a Rochester Pizza owner was arrested early in December for recruiting people and raising money for ISIS. Iy is not reported if the two arrests were connected, or if there was any connection to spreading any terror to New York City. The entire New York Times article with a photo of Emanuel Lutchman can be found HERE. 


  N. Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo has said in light of the Rochester arrest that New Yorkers need to be even more vigilant than ever. He also praised law enforcement at the state and federal level after the arrest of Mr. Lutchman. Cuomo added that every precaution is being taken to make this a safe and happy New Year. 

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