Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Santa Claus Was Suppose to Come to IS 216 - Here is What Happened

  It was billed as Santa Claus is coming to Bronx County, as above you see Community Board #2 District Manager Rafael Salamanca standing outside of IS 216 in front of a sign with his picture, N. Y. State Republican Party Chair Ed Cox, and that of State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. on it.  The photos below will tell you why Santa probably didn't show. Could it have been that Mr. Salamanca is a candidate for the 17th Council District, a fact that was taken from the New York City Campaign Finance Board website. Also State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. told me that he is endorsing Mr. Salamanca in the upcoming special election to replace soon to be former Councilwoman Maria Del Carmen Aroyo. 

Above - Mr. Salamanca greets parents of children on Tuesday afternoon as they enter IS 216 for what seems to be a political event in a public school.
Below - Mr. Salamanca is handing a card to one parent as he enters IS 216 for the political event.

Above - The auditorium of IS 216 is filled with children and their parents for the Salamanca/Cox/Diaz political event.
Below - On stage State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. and Mr. Salamanca greet the audience as Senator Diaz Sr. a man who knows how to speak English well only spoke in Spanish while he had Mr. Salamanca translate his words into English. 

Above - Senator Diaz and Community Board #2 District Manager Salamanca had children say the pledge of allegiance, and sing the national anthem.
Below - They even had children perform on stage.

Above - However the truth was apparent when New York State Republican Chair Ed Cox was announced by Mr. Salamanca. The person to the far left in the photo is the current Bronx County Chair Mr. John Greany.
Below - State Republican Chair Ed Cox tells how wonderful it is to be with Senator Diaz Sr. and Mr. Salamanca, as they stand in front of the stage full of toys to be given out to the children who are in the audience. At the right Senator Diaz and Mr. Salamanca seem to enjoy what the State Republican Chair is saying.

Above - Mr. Salamanca is pictured with State and Bronx Republican County Chairs.
Below - Senator Diaz is seated at the edge of the stage with State Republican Chair Ed Cox with children on each side. 

No wonder Santa Claus did not come to IS 216, he did not want to have any part of party politics in a public school such as went on in IS 216. Senator Diaz and Community Board #2 District Manager Salamanca should be ashamed of themselves for this 'Purely Political' event. Was CB 2 District Manager Rafael Salamanca campaigning on city time?

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