Monday, February 22, 2016

100 PERCENT - 17th City Council Special Election Prediction

By Robert Press

17th City Council Special Election Prediction 

    I found my Crystal Ball and asked it about the 17th City Council Special Election tomorrow. My Crystal Ball said do not look at that CB candidate as he is not real and only a puppet of a Republican dressed as a Democrat. There is one real candidate of the people, and he will prevail even though he is facing tremendous odds of winning. My CB also said to be careful when you go to vote as you may be told that there is no voting book for you area, or that your name is not in the book. After that you may be told that you have to go to the Board of Elections or to fill out an affidavit ballot which is an emergency ballot that most likely will not be counted. If this happens and you know that you are a registered voter no matter in which party or no party since this is a non-partisan election demand to see the person in charge. Ask for their name, are they a Democrat or Republican (since it will be a member of either party), and demand that they find out what the problem is, and most important let the people outside which should be for more than one candidate know what happened, as well as putting it on social media or contacting the local newspaper or News 12.
   When you are given your paper ballot to mark your choice make sure that there are no other marks of any kind on that ballot. A common way to render your ballot void is that there was a mark placed next to another candidate so that your ballot would have marks for two candidates and render it invalid. If you look at the totals after an election it includes invalids, and in a close election it could make a difference.  
   On to my Crystal Ball prediction. As the winner of the 17th City Council special election my CB calls it like this. Julio Pabon Winner with 37 PERCENT of the vote. Second Rafael Salamanca with 32 percent of the vote. Third Loreen Russell with 18 percent of the vote. The other three candidates Marlin Molina, Joann Otero, and George Alvarez split the remaining 13 percent of the vote. 
  Our congratulations to the new 17th City Councilman Julio Pabon. 

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