Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bronx Democratic County Organization Wins 17th City Council Special Election

  It was a joyous victory celebration as the Bronx Democratic County Organization came in with under 40 percent of the vote to win Tuesday's Special Election in the 17th City Council District. However the vote would show that over 60 percent of those who came out in the cold rainy day rejected the Bronx Democratic County organization. 

  Under 3,300 people voted, and the Bronx Democratic County garnered less than 1300 of them, leaving over 2,000 votes going to non Bronx Democratic County candidates. Then there will be the final cost per vote, and which candidate got the most 'Bang for their Buck'.  Also one has to wonder just how much was not reported. King Stanley Schlein does not come cheap. It seems that the old charge was $5,000.00 to challenge a candidate by King Stanley. Since 10 challengers were challenged just who paid the $50,000.00 fee to King Stanley. He may be a nice guy, but he does not work for free, and even then there would be the fair market value of his service charged to the campaign. With all the favors that were called in that could be many, all the money that was spent, and Red Horses (the consultant) that were mounted, not even 40 percent. All it means is that the Bronx Democratic County organization is slipping. In the past there would have been a two to one victory not a one to two victory. 
  As for our prediction, one loves to say the Yankees will go all the way every year, but I like to find the longshot that will win the race. You can't win them all, and congrats anyway to whomever the new councilman really is. I would bet it will be one of State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr.'s people even though the name on the ballot said Rafael Salamanca. 

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