Saturday, February 20, 2016

Committee of 100 Democrats and Others Endorse Julio Pabon in 17th Council Special Election Tuesday Fedruary 22nd.

  The Committee of 100 Democrats officially endorsed a candidate in the 17th City Council Special Election this coming Tuesday. Above you see Committee of 100 Democrats Chairman Ricky Martinez, Committee of 100 Democrats Executive Director (and former candidate in the special election) Mr. John Perez, former candidate Elliot Quinones who announced their support of candidate Julio Pabon.  The rally was attended by over 50 supporters for Julio Pabon which included Pedro Caldi Vice-President of Teamsters Local 210 who added that there were several other unions who joined with his union to support Julio Pabon for the 17th City Council Special Election being held on Tuesday February 22nd. Several others from the professional arena and local community also gave their support to candidate Julio Pabon. It was interesting that candidate Julio Pabon said he went to almost all of the unions for endorsements, and was told that the interview committee favored him the most, but the union heads were told by certain elected officials not to endorse Pabon. Julio mentioned one of those elected officials being someone who wielded statewide power in the State Assembly, and then said it was the Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie the former Bronx Democratic County Leader. Pabon added that it is the current Bronx Democratic County organization who has endorsed and placed high levels of support for his main opponent who is the District Manager of Community Board #2. Pabon went on to say that Assembly members, District Leaders, and other Bronx Democratic County organization resources from outside the district had to be called in to match the work of his volunteer workers. The photos below will tell the rest of the story.

Above - Former candidate and good friend Mr. John Perez has only good words for 17th Council District candidate Julio Pabon.
Below - Former candidate Elliot Quinones also has only good words for 17th Council District candidate Julio Pabon. Both Mr. Perez and Mr. Quinones were knocked off the ballot by the Bronx Democratic County organization.

Above - Teamsters Local 210 Vice-President Pedro Caldi tells why his and other unions have endorsed 17th Council candidate Julio Pabon.
Below - 17th Council candidate explains what problems candidates have had had to endure in this and past elections from the Bronx Democratic County organization challenges of their candidacy. 

A final show of support at this rally for this Tuesday's 17th City Council Special Election candidate Julio Pabon.

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