Saturday, February 13, 2016


Editor's Note:

  It has been rumored that Ms. Ischia Bravo would run for the 78th Assembly seat currently occupied by Jose Rivera. The announcement below is clear that Ms. Bravo will be a candidate for the 78th Assembly seat. Rumors have also gone around that former 80h A.D. Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera would run for her father's seat in the 78th A.D. This was advanced by the former assemblywoman appearing at several Bronx Democratic County events. One scenario has Assemblyman Jose Rivera collecting petitions, and then withdrawing so that his daughter could replace him as the candidate. The Bronx Democratic County organization has said that it would be endorsing all incumbents, but that would not happen should Assemblyman Rivera choose not to run for re-election leaving an open seat even if his daughter was to replace him as the candidate. 

The following is from Ms. Ischia Bravo candidate for the 78th A.D.

Dear Friends,
As you know, I am running to represent the 78th District of the Bronx in the New York State Assembly.  This was not an easy decision for me to come to.  As a young woman, Latina, mother and activist, it is extremely difficult to shatter the glass ceiling of opportunity.  However, I look forward to this exciting and tremendous journey to fill a gap in leadership in our community!

In the 78th Assembly District, female voters outnumber male voters 6-1.  With this impressive voting power, we must exercise our political power to enact the changes we want to see - not only for women’s rights, but for issues concerning our youth, seniors, and housing.

That is why I want you join me and hip-hop pioneer and radio personality Angie Martinez on Feb 25th, 2016 for a special gathering in support of my campaign to transform the 78th Assembly District! 

For years, Angie Martinez has been at the forefront of radio entertainment and social activism, inspiring countless young women to pursue careers in entertainment, music and the arts.  Trailblazers such as Ms. Martinez consistently defy barriers to success,  and serve as inspiration for our young girls, wives, mothers and daughters to accomplish goals both large and small.
I commend Angie on all that she has done and I am honored that she supports me on my journey to restore the faith that has been lost in our electoral process!

From music to social activism, from entertainment to politics - let’s give all little girls from the Bronx an incentive to be the voices they want to hear!  I hope that you will join us on February 25th.

Ischia Bravo
Twitter: @Bronxbravo
Instagram: Bronx Bravo

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