Monday, June 20, 2016

Bronxtalk 13th Congressional Debate

Pictured above are the six candidates who took part in the Bronxtalk 13th Congressional debate. (L - R), Sam Sloan, Clyde Williams, Adam Powell, Keith Wright, Suzan Johnson Cook, and Mike Gallagher.

  The show was taped just as the legislative session was ending, so two candidates did not make it in time coming down from Albany which Bronxtalk host Gary Axelbank explained. They were State Senator Adriano Espaillat and Assemblyman Guillermo Linares. The six candidates on the Bronxnet stage were Manhattan Democratic County Leader Assemblyman Keith Wright (who arrived as the taping began), former Manhattan Assemblyman Adam Powell, Clyde Williams (who ran for the seat in 2012), Suzan Johnson Cook (a former advisor to President Clinton, and former Ambassador for President Obama), Sam Sloan, and Mike Gallagher. 
   Each candidate tried to spell out to the viewers why they were the person to vote for on Tuesday June 28th to replace Charles Rangel in congress. Keith Wright tried to emphasize his experience in Albany as a walkway to the congressional seat. Wright also mentioned that he had the backing of the outgoing Legendary Congressman Charles Rangel. Adam Powell spoke of the legacy of the seat and as a former Assemblyman some of the work he did or tried to do in Albany. Clyde Williams spoke of the diversity of the district, and the different needs of the different parts. Suzan Johnson Cook started by saying her name is Suzan with a Z. She went on to talk of working in the Bill Clinton and Obama presidencies, but being vague as possible. Sam Sloan and Mike Gallagher stayed on the same point that the current elected officials are not doing their jobs. To me the highlight (or stupidest part) of the debate was when candidate Sam Sloan's answer to a question of fighting terrorism, said that the U.S. should not be involved overseas, and that we should let them kill each other.
   The Bronxnet 13th Congressional debate is running all week on Channel 34 (Verizon Fios) or Channel 67 (Cablevison). You can also go to to see the Bronxtalk 13th Congressional debate on your computer or smart phone. 

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