Thursday, June 30, 2016

Candidate Jaamal Bailey Endorsed By State Senator Ruth Hassel-Thompson for 36th SD

  As you can see in the photo above 36th State Senate District candidate Jaamal Bailey is flanked by current 36th State Senator Ruth Hassel-Thompson and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie. The endorsement took place on the steps of the Mount Vernon City Hall.  Senator Hassel-Thompson praised candidate Bailey for his excellent work in the 83rd Assembly District, and said that she wanted to leave the senate district with a person that she knows will care for all parts of the senate district. She compared candidate Bailey to herself when she ran for the state senate 16 years ago. Candidate Jaamal Bailey became a little nervous when a heckler started to shout at the endorsement, but quickly recovered to show that he could handle many different situations, and that he would fight for the entire 36th State Senate district.

Above - 36th State Senator Ruth Hassel-Thompson explains why she chose candidate Jaamal Bailey as her replacement.
Below - State Assembly Speaker carl Heastie tells of the fine work that candidate Jaamal Bailry has done in his job in the assemblyman's office.

36th State Senate candidate Jaamal Bailey stand proudly on the Mount Vernon City Hall steps between current 36th State Senator Ruth Hassel-Thompson, and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, both of whom have endorsed his candidacy for the 36th State Senate.

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