Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ischia Bravo Opens 78 A.D. Campaign Office on Kingsbridge Road

  Pictured above is  78th A.D. assembly candidate Ischia Bravo standing outside her new campaign office located at 14 E. Kingsbridge Road. This is a small office, but is large enough to get assembly candidate Bravo's message out to the people of the 78th A.D. That message is 'It is time to elect someone who will represent  the assembly district, and not just take videos'. Ischia went to the public schools in the district, is raising two boys, and wants to represent the assembly district she grew up in the way it should be represented in Albany. 
  Ischia Bravo is not a newcomer to politics. She has had several positions with different elected officials, and is well respected by all of them. Ms. Bravo also served as the Executive Director of the Bronx Democratic County Committee so she knows what has to be done to make the 78th Assembly district better. Ischia says that she wants to run a positive campaign, but point out the weaknesses of her opponent the current elected assemblyman in the district. 
  The current Assemblyman, a former county leader has not really faced an opponent like Ms. Bravo in over ten years. The last two challengers were from the north part of the assembly district, however Ischia Bravo lives in the middle of the assembly district drawing strength from all parts of the district. 
  Four years ago I said that the race to watch was the 80th Assembly district. I was the only political reporter who called the race in favor of the challenger Mark Gjonaj, who won the seat from incumbent Naomi Rivera. This year I say the 78th A.D. race is the one to watch. While it is way to early to predict a winner, this is going to be a very similar contest. Right now if you ask me I think that another Rivera may be defeated, and you will find out why as the campaign draws to a close on primary day. 

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