Sunday, June 12, 2016

Local Elected Officials Respond to Terrorist Act in Orlando Florida

RE: Terror Attack in Orlando

"The people of The Bronx stand united with the city of Orlando, the families and friends of the victims, and the LGBTQ community against hatred and bigotry. Today's attack has shocked a nation, and I offer my deepest condolences to those affected by this horrendous act of terrorism. As the motives and the message behind today's terror attack in Orlando come into clearer focus, we must remain united--as Bronxites, as New Yorkers, as Americans--against hatred and terror in all its forms. We must also heed President Obama's call, stated once again during his remarks today, for sensible gun reforms. How much longer can Congress fail to act in the face of tragedy?

Once again, our heart breaks for the victims of this act of terror, and we wish their friends and families peace during this incredibly difficult time," said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.   

Statement from State Senator Gustavo Rivera on Tragedy in Orlando, Florida

"My thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those who were tragically killed in today's unspeakable shooting at Orlando's Pulse Nightclub. I want to take this opportunity to express my unconditional support to the LGBTQIA community during this difficult time.
As we try come to terms with yet another heart wrenching tragedy, we must come together and send a clear message that hate and gun violence has no place in our communities, our cities and our states. We cannot allow for this to become our new normal. We have a responsibility to those whose lives were ended and to those whose lives will be forever affected by gun violence to act and demand the implementation of stronger gun control laws through effective legislative action." 


"We are here again. And honestly, we know we will be here once more, very soon. 

"First, sincere prayers of peace and comfort to the family and friends of the victims, and the Orlando community.

"As we stand with the LGBTQ community across the country, and the family and fans of Christina Grimmie, we also stand with Jessica White, a mother killed this weekend, right here in New York City, protecting her children. 

"Second, well wishes and prayers will not help the 90 people statistically expected to die by a gun tomorrow, nor will it help the victims of the next mass shooting -- we've already had 133 this year alone. So to those victims, the same words without action is hollow.

"We can't sit back and simply attribute gun violence to thugs, terrorists,  or gangster music. 

"Even hate without a gun looks drastically different. But we better realize it's the American-specific penchant for violence and almost unfettered access to guns that is the problem. 

"We have to see that the leadership of the NRA continues to do the devil's work, disguised as protecting Second Amendment rights. They do this even though so many of their members understand the difference between their rights and this insanity. They do it because many Congressmen and women value their seat above horrific American deaths -- even as we now grapple with the largest mass shooting in American history. In the back of our minds, we know it's only a matter time before this record is surpassed.

"Until we are ready for action, lets copy our prayers, and well wishes, and get ready to paste them in the next expression of  condolence to the next victims and family we know are coming, tomorrow, and the day after."

Assemblymember Michael Blake's Statement Following Deadly Orlando Shooting and Hate Crime
At least 50 Dead. 53 Injured. Horrific tragedy beyond words.

My thoughts, prayers and hopes for strength for the loved ones lost in Orlando, their families and anyone impacted by this morning's hate crime and terrorist attack.
Loved ones won't go home today because of a coward who took their lives.  Dreams lost and joy deferred because of bullets, anger and hate.
There are no adequate words for the families who lost loved ones in Orlando early this morning at the Pulse nightclub. I have and will continue pray for the strength of the families of loved ones, healing for those in the hospital and protection for all of us.
This hate crime was one against the LGBTQ community.  NO ONE should lose their life because of their sexual orientation, faith, gender, ethnicity or any personal background.  Moreover, do not attack the Islamic faith due to one person's actions as one human doesn't represent a religion.
We should say sorry to the people of Orlando and all communities who have lost their lives due to gun violence and another mass shooting.  Enough is enough.  When will Congressional Republicans, Governors and state legislators across the country stand up and ban assault rifles?  Make note of every person who tries to cowardly blame religion or beliefs to justify this behavior rather than getting these assault rifles and guns off of the street.
Let us continue to pray for healing of those in the hospitals, support the medical staff and families and promote healing of our society and world.
Assemblymember Pichardo: Now is the time for action
          “The deadly mass shooting that took place in an Orlando nightclub is heartbreaking and needs more than thoughts and prayers – it requires action. This was an act of terror and hate that could have been prevented and it occurred in what should have been a safe space - as President Obama noted, a place of solidarity and empowerment for the LGBT community.

         “It is disgraceful, shameful and disrespectful that the U.S. Congress refuses to curve unfettered access to firearms. I ask: how many more American lives must be lost? How many more families must continue to suffer before Congress acts? There is a way to balance second amendment rights with sensible gun control legislation and the time to do so is now.”

Statement by Community Leader and Candidate for the NYS Assembly, 78th District

My thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by the tragic hate crime that has taken place. It is our duty as a community to stand in solidarity for Orlando and the LGBTQ youth.

These brutal attacks taking place in our nation show that, as a society, we are neglecting to acknowledge that violence in all forms, cannot, have not, and will not solve problems. While the mass shooting of LGBTQ youth took place in Orlando, Florida, this heartache is something we know all too well, here in the Bronx.

As we extend our love and empathy to those impacted by this tragic event, we must also remember local Bronx resident, Jessica White, mother of three who was gunned down this weekend in an attempt to protect her children from the reoccurring gun violence that takes place in her housing project.

Guns have been the cornerstone of violence in the United States for generations. It’s said that the Orlando shooter purchased his weaponry at his local Walmart. While it is unclear where the Bronx shooter obtained his firearm, it is important to note that “more than half a million firearms are stolen each year in the United States and more than half of stolen firearms are handguns, many of which are subsequently sold illegally,” according to the Law Center for Gun Violence.

My heart is heavy for those who suffer daily because of gun violence, however, I refuse to let this pain silence me and my district. We are strong. We are brave. We must harbor our adversities and allow them to motivate us to seek and advocate for change. This change isn’t just for Orlando, it’s for us, it’s for our kids—it’s for our home. It is our duty to make our voices heard. In the face of hate and violence, we will allow our love to uplift those who have been broken and empower those who have been silenced.

Our advocacy is needed to restrict gun sales to terrorists and halt the trafficking of guns that end up in our neighborhoods and our homes. Today, as a nation, we grieve the deaths of dozens of innocent people. The Bronx stands in solidarity with Orlando. #BravoForOrlando


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