Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Manhole Covers Fly - Fire in one Manhole on West 256th Street

   Monday evening this was the scene at Riverdale Avenue and West 256th Street. Fire engines were blocking access to West 256th Street and firemen were pouring water into one manhole which had been on fire after what neighbors said sounded like an explosion. further up West 256th Street another Manhole cover was off and resting near the open manhole as it also blew up, but there was no fire at this site. Firemen and Con Edison crews were seen to be checking other manhole covers for several blocks in the area. The exact reason for the explosion was not known, but one could smell an arid odor of sulfur near the manhole which was on fire. 

Above - Smoke can be seen coming from this open manhole on West 256th Street.
Below - Firemen send water into the manhole to put out the fire.

Above - At the corner of Netherland Avenue and West 256th Street a second manhole flew up into the air, but there was no fire at this site.
Below - Firemen and Con Edison workers check other manholes in the area for any damage. 

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