Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Statement from Senator Adriano Espaillat on Ballot Count

  "I am very proud that over 43,000 voters from the 13th Congressional District voted to select the Democratic nominee for Congress in 2016. As an immigrant who was once undocumented in our country, I cannot express the pride I felt last night when the election results showed that we had received the most votes in the primary. 
As the only candidate in this race who has ran in the last three primaries, and who in the last two campaigns lost by as few as 1,000 votes, I have a real understanding of how crucial it is that every single voter's constitutional right be upheld and that every vote is counted.  And, I will not rest until every absentee and affidavit ballot is counted.  I am confident that when all the votes are counted I will be the Democratic nominee.
To my supporters I say:  we have traveled a long road to get here. Let's make sure that as we travel the short road ahead, we conduct ourselves with dignity and respect for the rights of all. 
I know - first-hand - how tough it is to come up short in a hard fought election. 
To those who voted for one of my worthy opponents - I pledge to work my heart out to represent you, knowing that our district is not a Latino or black or Asian district. It's a district that belongs to all of us, and we simply cannot succeed unless all of us are moving forward together."

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