Tuesday, July 26, 2016

To Crosswalk or Not To Crosswalk

Above and Below is the intersection of Independence Avenue and West 237th Street. The DOT finally after almost one month of a war zone type roadway when the street was milled at the end of June did a great job of repaving as you can see. However that is MS/HS 141 across the street in the top photo, and the bottom photo was taken from in front of the school. It should take until the middle of August for the crosswalks and stop lines to be painted in so motorist know just where to stop. Seeing the 50th Police Precinct semi-unmarked car giving out tickets to motorists who did not fully stop at the intersection, if they were traveling on West 237th Street they may have a case for dismissal of the ticket, but if you were traveling on Independence Avenue the crosswalks and stop lines are clearly marked.

Above - The crosswalk at the Henry Hudson Parkway Service road at the corner of the West 239th Street overpass. This crosswalk looks like it was done by preschoolers as the lines in the crosswalk intersect one another, and go beyond the end line of the crosswalk.
Below - On the other side of the West 239th Street overpass at the southbound side of the parkway service road there are no end lines to the crosswalk, as you can see the stripped lines do no line up evenly. Another note that the DOT is doing is increasing the width of the crosswalk from 12 feet to 15 feet, and without end lines it is tough to determine where the crosswalk ends. 

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