Tuesday, July 26, 2016

More Con Edison Troubles in the Hot Weather

  Just as I was taking photos of the crosswalks, or should I say missing crosswalks on West 237th Street I turned around and looked towards the parkway and took the photo above. There were several Con Edison electric trucks, and a few with big rolls of cable on them. Getting closer I could see the cover to an electric junction was open (see below) with a Con Edison worker in it working on the thick electric cables underground as other Con Edison workers watched. 

Here you can see the Con Edison worker inside the electric junction area below the street level with sweet drenching his shirt as he works on keeping the power on. The yellow large hose is pumping air into the small area, and another Con Edison worker is giving guidance to the worker inside the area in the street. The big wigs from Con Edison had just left, (probably because they saw me down the block), and had left the workers to fix this problem. Well the lights stayed on, no cable had to be laid at this time because if Con Edison would of had to rip up the just repaved street that would mean that Con Edison would not just repave the trench they would have to make, but the entire block. After one year it is open season for companies such as Con Edison to dig up repaved streets, so I guess they will be back on July 27, 2017 to dig up this street.

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