Sunday, July 24, 2016

News From Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman


Holding Volkswagen Accountable For High-Level Fraud and Deceit

Attorney General Schneiderman, joined by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, announced lawsuits against Volkswagen alleging that they intentionally sold polluting cars and SUVs, advertised as green and energy efficient vehicles, and attempting to cover up the large-scale fraudulent behavior. As a result of the ongoing investigations into Volkswagen and its affiliates, the suit alleges that the cars were knowingly equipped with illegal “defeat devices" to conceal higher amounts of harmful emissions, violating state environmental laws. 

Combating Vacant and Abandoned Properties with a $13 Million Grant Initiative

To address the growing statewide problem of “zombie" homes, the Attorney General announced a $13 million grant initiative to combat the foreclosure crisis. The Zombie Remediation and Prevention Initiative will help local communities stop the spread of vacant and abandoned homes that banks have left decrepit, and allow local governments to track and rehabilitate these properties.

Ensuring Equal Education Opportunities for Immigrant Families 

As a result of a lawsuit and settlement with the Attorney General's office, Utica City School District will ensure equal educational opportunities for immigrant and refugee students. Attorney General Schneiderman alleged that the District denied enrollment to such students and their families in local public high schools. The office is committed to ensuring that New York’s education system is open to any and all children, regardless of race, national origin, English language proficiency, or immigrant or refugee status.

Enforcing Tax Laws For Art Dealers And Galleries  

Following an investigation into sales tax fraud, the Attorney General reached a settlement with international art dealer Gagosian Gallery. A leading New York contemporary art dealer, Gagosian Gallery will pay $4.28 million and follow agreed upon code of conduct including more transparent transaction details, charge of sales tax for buyers and sellers, and clearer shipping parameters. 

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