Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Car Jumps Curb by Sotherby's on Riverdale Avenue.


   This was the scene as an Emergency Service Police officer is backing a Honda Accord off the sidewalk minutes after the car jumped the curb crashing into Sotheby's Real Estate at 3732 Riverdale Avenue this afternoon. As you will see in other photos below the car went into the end wall of Sotheby's braking both front windows, while damaging the bottom building frame. Also damaged was the metal gate railing of Grace's Cleaners next door to sotheby's. 

Above - You can see that it appears that the Honda hit a tree as the front end is pushed in at the middle front of the car. 
Below - A police officer looks at the front of Sotheby's to assess the damage to the store front. The car bumper which came off the car sits on the sidewalk behind the police officer.

Above - Ms. Ellen Feld an employee of Sotheby's looks at the damage to the front of the store. Ms. Feld said she was five feet away from the front window when the car hit the front of the store.
Below - You can see how the store front is pushed in, and the two front windows lie on the floor, or parts of the broken windows are about to fall to the sidewalk.

Above - The car jumped the curb, went through the Muni Meter and a sign post without hitting either of them.
Below - Riverdale Avenue was milled and repaved this past March. However in milling the street the curbs were damaged by the milling machines. The Department of Transportation has not yet repaired the broken curbs that you see here and on most of the street where the milling took place. Photos are on this blog in earlier postings, and it was reported in the Bronx Voice Riverdale column of July 30th. Could that have contributed to this car jumping the curb and crashing into the storefront?

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