Monday, August 8, 2016

Empire City Subway Digs up Riverdale Street

Above and Below - We can see workers from the Empire City Subway company digging up West 238th Street at various spots like these two at the corner of Greystone Avenue. 
So just who is the Empire City Subway company, and why were they digging in a street that has no subway?
The Empire City Subway company is the construction arm of Verizon the phone and now cable television company. So why can't Verizon do this construction? Much like other major utilities such as Con Edison it is much cheaper to have an outside contractor do the work than having your high paid union workers do it. A company does not have to buy all the equipment also so it can keep costs lower than doing it themselves. 

Above - another five foot by five foot area that is being dug up on West 238th Street, this one by the Post office site.
Below - So how did the Empire City Subway company do? By the looks of this patch it looks like it is going to be opened up again.

Above and Below - These two patches look like the others that are ready to be reopened.

You can see that this patchwork is about the size of a New York City Parks Department car, but that is another story why the Parks Department car was parked here. See the next posting. 

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