Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gustavo Rivera Blasts Challenger Cabrera as a "Trump Trojan Horse" in Albany

  State Senator Gustavo Rivera today blasted his opponent Fernando Cabrera for getting massive support from a GOP-linked SuperPac when Democrats are poised to win the majority in the State Senate.  Recent filings with the New York State Board of Elections show that New Yorkers for Independent Action, the SuperPac supporting Cabrera, has received millions in contributions from established GOP donors, and is working with consultants linked to the Bush-Cheney campaign and Karl Rove as part of their effort to defeat Democrats like Gustavo Rivera. 
Among the donors to the SuperPac are Walmart Heiress Alice Walton, who has given $450,000; $150,000 from conservative activist Roger Hertog, and $75,000 from anti-choice, anti-LGBT hedge funder Sean Fieler.  The vendors to the SuperPac include Jeff Buley, a Republican attorney who worked for the Bush-Cheney campaign in Nevada in 2004 where the campaign was accused of voter suppression efforts; and Eagle Point Strategies, a firm whose principal, Claude Lavigna, has deep ties to the Senate Republicans and who was linked to a Karl Rove-backed effort in 2014 to support the NYS Senate Republicans.
"Cabrera is a Trump Trojan Horse, trying to get inside the State Senate to betray our progressive Democratic values," said Rivera.  "He has spent the majority of his life as a Republican, opposes equal rights for the LGBTQ community, opposes a woman's right to make her own health care decisions, and now we know that his campaign is being supported by people whose goal is to maintain a GOP majority in the State Senate."
In addition to the GOP-linked SuperPac that is supporting him, Cabrera received large campaign contributions from organizations including the Rent Stabilization Association, a landlord lobbying group dedicated to weakening the rent laws that protect Bronx tenants from unfair rent hikes and evictions, Rivera revealed.
"In public, Cabrera will stand in front of a microphone and say he opposes Trump," said Rivera.  "But behind closed doors, the same landlords, right-wing extremists, Wall Street millionaires and GOP operatives who are working to elect Trump are also plotting to get Cabrera to Albany so he can do their bidding.   It's shameful and dishonest, yet Mr. Cabrera has not said one word refuting their efforts."


It would be great to see Senator Rivera's opponent get all that cash, but he is not going to get as much money as Senator Rivera received in an influx of $250,000 from a SUPERPAC to win his seat. Gustavo - if you win by the SUPERPAC money, you better be ready to be beaten by other SUPERPAC money.

Both or should I say all three Bush's have said that they are not voting for or supporting Donald Trump. Maybe they are going to vote for Hillary Clinton like you are Senator Rivera.

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