Sunday, August 28, 2016

I Found Some More Speed Cameras - See Where

Are you driving on East Tremont Avenue heading to Parkchester? 
If you are you may want to know that there is a speed camera on East Tremont Avenue at Castle Hill Road. This camera may also be a red light camera since the city has some speed/red light cameras in one.

Now if you think you can turn onto Castle Hill Avenue and not worry, Think again as you pass the playground. 

Above - If you turn down Castle Hill Avenue as you pass Parker Avenue this speed camera is set up next to the Castle Avenue Playground. 
Below - If you think you won't have to worry if you are heading up to East Tremont Avenue this speed camera is set up at the corner of Castle Hill Avenue and Glover Street. So be careful as you travel on Castle Hill Avenue by the Playground as the city will get you coming and going.

However it's not like you are being stopped by a police officer and made to appear in traffic court where the fine can be $150.00 or more and points on your license which would increase your car insurance cost. The camera tickets are only $50.00, no points on your license, and heck the owner of the vehicle gets the ticket not the driver unless they are the owner. I keep hearing people say that those cameras are a nuisance since they just got their third or fourth ticket from one. 

Yes Mr. Mayor, Those cameras are a real way to get drivers to obey the law. It's just another way of cutting police officers, and more money to the city from people who should not be driving in the first place. 

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