Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jeff Klein's Riverdale Concert Has Audience Twisting With Chubby Checker

  Last night at the Jeff Klein Summer Concert Series the crowd of over 500 people got a surprise twist from the Chubby Checker Concert in Seton Park. Instead of just staying on the stage famous recording star Chubby Checker came off the stage to say hello, and twist among the people. The photos below will show the rest of the story. 

Above - Before the concert State Senator Jeff Klein, Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr., and Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz make sure they, Chubby Checker, and the audience will be well protected as the elected officials join with 50th Precinct Commanding officer Deputy Inspector Terrance O'Toole who had several officers on patrol.
Below - Rock and Roll legend Chubby Checker. Checker who is 74 years old and real name is Ernest Evans tries to get the three elected officials to do the Twist.

Above - Councilman Cohen, BP Diaz, Senator Klein, Assemblyman Dinowitz, Dinowitz's son Eric, Chief of Staff Randi Martos, and Congressman Eliot Engel's Chief of Staff Bill Weitz all pose with Chubby Checker before the concert. 
Below - It's time for the concert to begin, and Chubby Checker is introduced by State Senator Jeff Klein.

Above and Below - Chubby Checker performing. That is the Whitehall building across the street from Seton Park in the background.

Above and Below - Chubby Checker went into the audience to say hello and do the twist.

Above and Below - Chubby Checker does the Twist with some members of the audience.

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